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Traditional oral storyteller | Ziyadliwa | Storytelling in English - Innsbruck, Europe, South Africa

Let me tell you a story…

Ziyadliwa is a traditional, oral storyteller who tells wise, witty, and wonder-filled tales to (mostly) adult audiences.

Her repertoire of over 200 stories, collected from around the globe, transports audiences to new worlds where anything can happen. Each of her storytelling shows is unique and each takes audiences on an unforgettable journey into their imaginations – the theatre of the mind!

She performs shows in her native English across Europe, Southern Africa, and the United States.


Performances & shows

Suzanne’s repertoire is eclectic: she has a vast collection of stories in her head and at her fingertips drawn from traditional tales, myths, legends, songs, and timeless epics as well as “geostories”, and stories from science, history, and everyday life. Her performances range from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Always captivating, her tales and performances are ever-changing: playful, poignant, peaceful, haunting, humorous, deep, delicious, dark, gleeful, emotional, evocative, provocative, magical, macabre, bawdy, beautiful, immersive. Although she changes the ingredients—the stories, the journey, the telling—the experience is always unforgettable.

Oral, performance storyteller in Austria / Suzanne Whitby / Ziyadliwa

Popular touring storytelling shows

Curious? Want to discuss a storytelling performance in your space?

Where in the world...?

Suzanne creates and performs stories wherever there is an audience! You’re just as likely to see her telling tales at a campsite in Namibia or in a local coffee shop or bar as you are to see her at a conference or on a festival stage.

Some of the places you’ll find her include:

Events & festivals

Suzanne takes stories old and new from across the globe and weaves them into colourful, curious and sometime unexpected patterns to engage and involve audiences at private gatherings, restaurant & bars, school halls, libraries, public stages, conferences and meetings, festival tents, and events of all shapes and sizes.

Heritage spaces & museums

Bring heritage spaces, museums, and artefacts, collections and displays to life with Suzanne’s tailor-made storytelling programme. In addition to crafting and telling stories, Suzanne also provides training and workshops for heritage staff, and crafts story-driven interpretations, too.

Environmental & sustainable spaces

In our ever-changing and sometimes troubling times, it’s a joy to explore the rich natural world around us through the lens of oral storytelling and traditional tales. Whether your intention is to engage, entertain, inspire or provoke thought, Suzanne can help you find and tell the right story.

Curious? Want to discuss a storytelling performance in your space?

Touring storytelling shows

Ziyadliwa has a selection of ever-green shows suitable for different seasons, events and venues.


Sustainability storytelling

Use storytelling to prompt thought and discussion about climate change, environmental disruption and today's sustainability challenges.


Custom shows

Incorporate a custom-designed storytelling show into your next event and offer visitors an unforgettable experience.


Storytelling workshops & classes

Learn how to find, share and tell stories - your own, traditional regional tales or world folktales.