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Commission a custom-designed storytelling performance

Suzanne crafts custom-designed storytelling shows and performances for a wide range of locations and venues. You’re just as likely to see her telling tales at a campsite in Namibia or in a local coffee shop or bar as you are to see her at a conference or on a festival stage.

If you are looking for a tailor-made set for your next event, festival, or conference, or if you want to use storytelling to shine a light on a new exhibition, a natural space, or a topic, get in touch for a discovery call to explore the possibilities.

Some of the venues where Suzanne tells stories

Storytelling for theatres & event venues

Performing storytelling shows for adult audiences, and occasionally for children, at theatres and small, local event venues like coffee shops and bars…

Storytelling for museums, libraries & cultural venues

Let me help you bring your events and exhibitions to life with a mix of individual stories, story tours and character interpretations. I can help you engage visitors by involving them in the story behind the story.

Storytelling for festivals & clubs

I am always happy to get on stage and tell stories, or work a room, offering stories to guests. I tell everywhere, from festival main stages to more intimate settings.

Storytelling for cities, parks & open spaces

Let me turn the history of your city, park or open space into a magical tale, or let me create a story for your space that excites and delights.

Storytelling for education & outreach

Want to educate people about the environment? Social challenges? Something else? Want to engage hearts and change minds? I craft programmes to do just that.

Storytelling for schools & communities

I offer storytelling programmes that tie into your school curriculum, to supplement English as well as other subjects, as well as opportunities for class story creation and participatory storytelling.


Suzanne (Ziyadliwa) told us three extraordinary stories in a show called ‘Blue Planet’. It felt a bit like a dystopian tale, but she backed up her futuristic characters with science stories and folk tales – which I wasn’t expecting – and we all left committed to make better environmental choices! She was easy to work with, had great ideas for integrated events, and we’d have her back in a heartbeart. Thank you, Suzanne!

- Marie Edwards, Green & Co, Boulder (USA)


Innsbruck, Austria

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