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    Bog Stories: A Panel Discussion at Yorkshire Festival of Story


    Join Ziyadliwa at the Yorkshire Festival of Story where she will be talking with musician and poet, Sarah Smout, and the Yorkshire Peat Partnership about stories, art, and the role of the arts in raising awareness and shifting thinking about environmental and climate disruption.

    The Body in the Bog: an oral storytelling performance in Innsbruck (English)

    Cool Run Inn (Cellar) Schöpfstraße 14, Innsbruck

    An Iron Age body is discovered in a peat bog, preserved so well that it's mistaken for a modern fatality. What happens next? Join storyteller Ziyadliwa in Innsbruck for a tale filled with wonders from the Celtic world.


    Wilful and Wily: Women of the Middle Ages

    Cool Run Inn (Cellar) Schöpfstraße 14, Innsbruck

    Travel back in time with performance storyteller Ziyadliwa as she introduces you to women in the middle ages who refuse to take life lying down. From chaste women overcoming great odds and wicked mothers-in-law putting obstacles in the way of their “sisters” to female tricksters and women who aren’t afraid to say – and do! – what they want, this evening is filled with tales about women who gain the upper hand, one way or the other.