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Storytelling workshops

Ziyadliwa offers over a decade of oral storytelling experience coupled with nearly 20 years of international communication experience to teach courses and workshops about storytelling and how it works in YOUR world.

She helps individuals, groups, teachers, businesses and scientists build their storytelling and narrative skills, and her training helps participants find their unique storytelling voice and deliver engaging and compelling performances suitable to their context. And context is everything: telling a story as a scientist to a school group is different to telling a story about climate change to a colleague, and telling a bright, vivid story at a storytelling festival is something different entirely.

Training offerings

Each of my workshops is tailored to the needs of you and your group. Get in touch to talk through what you need and let’s explore how we can create a customised learning experience.

Building your storytelling skills

As with all storytelling workshops, this one is practical and it is designed for new and early-stage storytellers who want to explore how to be more structured in both crafting and telling stories. With a focus on structure, craft, vocal and physical skills this well-rounded workshop offers the key ingredients needed to bring a story to life.

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Crafting a storytelling performance

This hands-on workshop is designed to help you create a new 60-90-minute storytelling show from scratch. It builds on your interests and unique abilities as a storyteller, delves into the world of storytelling research, teaches how to frame stories and use frameworks to scaffold your tales, gives you a chance to use some simple techniques for memorising your show, and provides space for you to practise in return for feedback and insights. You will leave this workshop with a draft of a brand new show, ready for you to polish and practise until it shines!

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Bringing your storytelling performance to life

This small group (maximum three storytellers) workshop is for any storyteller who wants to pilot a new show in a safe space with a small audience who will provide active listening, detailed feedback about the stories and your telling, make suggestions and offer ideas – all of which you can refuse, and offer their time and experience of your telling to help you make your show unforgettable. (This is a standalone workshop, but follows on beautifully from “Crafting a storytelling performance”).

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Telling the story with body and voice

Traditional storytelling seldom relies on fancy sets, outlandish costumes, or even theatre-style stages. The power of storytelling comes from the storyteller themselves: the stories they tell and how they tell them with their words, voice, body and other non-verbals. The power of storytelling comes from the listener: the stories they hear and how they interpret them, and how they interact, understand, and perceive the storyteller themselves, and their verbals and non-verbals. This workshop is designed to make storytellers aware of how powerful these different elements are and how they interact with each other (story, storyteller, story listener), and how consciously use these elements to convey more than words can say.

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Storytelling and narrative tools for researchers

This workshop is delivered by Suzanne Whitby through SciComm Success.

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Storytelling for environmental and climate awareness

Stories and storytelling are two powerful tools in the sustainability communicator’s toolkit, but all too often, they are forgotten or misused. This practical course is for individuals and groups who want to talk about some of today’s troubling sustainability challenges without alienating audiences using stories. This workshop focuses on stories as a vehicle for conversation and communication. It is isn’t about standing on a stage and being theatrical. It’s the art and power of the small, everyday stories of everyday life.

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Bringing heritage to life with storytelling

Heritage sites and organisations that curate historical, artistic and anthropological exhibitions for the public are in the wonderful position of being surrounded by stories. But what is the over-arching story of the exhibition and what do individual stories for individual pieces in the exhibit tell to support the story of the exhibition? How can you tell stories in different ways that will leave visitors more knowledgeable, and perhaps even excited, even if they don’t follow the exhibition in the way that you planned? And how can you use oral storytelling to bring your space to life? That’s what this fun and interactive course is all about.

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Curious? Want to discuss a storytelling performance in your space?